Va. Beach man nearly misses tax deadline due to form flop

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Tax day can be stressful for many people, but for one local man this year, filing his taxes went all the way to Sen. Tim Kaine.

Ariel Matienzo and his wife, Amy, have been ready to file their taxes since January. Last year, for the first time, Amy got health insurance through the Federal Healthcare Exchange.

“Oh, that was great. She was pleased. I was pleased. That’s not the big problem,” Ariel Matienzo said. “The big problem is with the paper work, you know, trying to get them to send the correct paper work so that we can file our taxes.”

Matienzo said he and his wife have waited for a 1095-A Form from the Federal Health Exchange to verify her coverage. Matienzo said he called the agency for a second time in February and was told they should have already received the form. He told them he hadn’t, so they said they would send another form.

Find your 1095-A Form

A week passed and nothing arrived. So, he called again, again, and again. Each time, Matienzo said there was no answer to when he would get the form.

“It’s actually unnerving at this point; I’m ready to rip somebody’s throat out over the phone,” he said. “Nobody knows what they are doing. Nobody knows what’s going on and nobody has an answer.”

They could have filed an extension, but the Matienzos need their taxes filed by May. That’s when they qualify for Virginia Beach’s home owner tax relief. Without it, they’re in a tough spot.

“It becomes expensive for us. We’re on limited means. We don’t have money to play with,” Matienzo said.

With nowhere else to turn, Matienzo took their claim to a national level.

“I got with Sen. Tim Kaine’s office,” he said. “We were given some advice on what to do, what not to do, and we’ve gone ahead and filed our taxes.”

Matienzo said he filled in all the information he was given over the phone by the health exchange. And while 10 On Your Side was talking to Matienzo and his wife on Wednesday, he received an automated call saying his 1095-A Form would be on the way in the next few weeks.

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