Grassfield High School chorus students taken to hospital on Disney trip

Grassfield High School (Photo courtesy Google Images)

ORANGE CITY, Fla. (WAVY) – Several Grassfield High School chorus students were taken to the hospital Saturday night in Florida after they became ill on the way back from a spring break trip to Disney World.

One of the student’s parents contacted 10 On Your Side after receiving a text from her daughter around 1 a.m. Sunday saying they were stuck at a hospital in Orange City, Florida.

“They were supposed to leave around 10 or 11 o’clock last night,” parent Tom Rew said. “The bus’ air conditioning apparently broke down, it’s been in the 90s down there and they’d been at the park all day.”

According to a spokesperson for Florida Memorial Fish Hospital, some time on Saturday approximately 60 students were traveling on a bus through Volusia County when approximately 15 of them, including an adult who was the director of the trip, developed a gastrointestinal illness. The bus took them to the hospital where they were treated and released.

“The hospital was great, they shut down their cafeteria they gave each (student) a new fresh clean blanket to take home and a bag to put all their contaminated stuff in,” Rew said.

NBC affiliate WESH-TV tells a replacement bus was loaded with the students’ belongings and was set to leave Sunday afternoon.

Kellie Goral, a spokeswoman for Chesapeake Schools, said Sunday the school administration has been making contact with the students’ parents to inform them of the situation.



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