Resident suspects bed bugs closed assisted living facility

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A senior-citizen group home in Hampton is closing, but residents being forced to move can’t take their belongings to their new homes. Several residents told the reason is because Shelton on the Bay is infested with bed bugs.

“I’m not a spring chicken anymore,” 92-year-old Harry Curtis said. He’s seen and been through a lot, including fighting in World War II. Now, as he suffers from dementia, Curtis is having to move from his home at Shelton on the Bay.

“I don’t like to move, period, but if it has to be done, it has to be done,” he told “I’ve have reached the age where I just live one day at a time.”

The group home is closing its doors April 30. Administrators say the non-profit facility is out of money and that they’re helping the 32 residents find new places to live.

Photos: Residents forced to move from group home

“I made a commitment to Harry, because he has no one, no one will take care of him,” said Sharon Kressin, a longtime friend of Curtis. She is also his power of attorney.

Kressin is helping Curtis move, but believes the real reason behind the shutdown has to do with a bed bug infestation.

“They had informed me they had it under control, but in reality, I don’t think it has ever been under control,” Kressin said.

The facility Curtis is moving into told Kressin he had to leave all his belongings behind.

“They had had an exterminator go down and check Shelton, and found they were infested with bed bugs,” Kressin said. “They didn’t want anything to be brought to a new facility where it could put the other residents in jeopardy.”

Kressin wants to see Shelton pay for the lost possessions. Administrators would not answer 10 On Your Side’s questions about bed bugs and referred us to the board of trustees. We are still waiting to hear back.

10 On Your Side did speak with an exterminator who said he has treated Shelton for bed bugs for years.

10 On Your Side also reached out to the Virginia Department of Social Services, which would investigate cases of bed bugs at the facility. We were told they would get back to us shortly.

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