900,000 Virginians participate in statewide tornado drill

FILE -- Ingleside Elementary students in Norfolk participate in statewide tornado drill, March 17, 2015. (WAVY/Rob Rizzo)

RICHMOND, Va. (AP/WAVY) — Some 900,000 Virginians participated in the annual statewide tornado drill Tuesday morning.

The drill began at 9:45 a.m. with a test tornado warning from the National Weather Service. The message was relayed by broadcast outlets through the emergency alert system, which simulated what listeners would hear during an actual tornado.

Ingleside Elementary School in Norfolk was one of many schools across the state to join the drill. 10 On Your Side stopped by to talk to school administrators and students about what they were doing. Hear what they had to say in the video above.

Once the test warning was sounded, people moved quickly to a safe area in a sturdy building. Safe areas include basements and interior rooms on the lowest level of a building. Once in the safe area, people crouched down or sat on the floor facing down and covered their heads with their hands.

Twelve tornadoes hit Virginia in 2014, causing more than $700,000 in property damage.

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