Greenbrier Christian Academy website hacked

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – The website for Greenbrier Christian Academy was hacked Sunday by a group claiming to be called Memberal_Force.

Greenbrier Christian Academy Superintendent Ron White tells the hack was noticed around 7 a.m. Sunday and was reported to the FBI and the Virginia State Police. White said they contacted the company that hosts the website and they are working to restore it back to normal.

Dr. White released the following statement Monday afternoon:

During the past 24 hours a complete investigation has taken place regarding the hacking of the Greenbrier Christian Academy website. The investigation by the Virginia State Police, the FBI, and the computer company that hosts our site revealed no connection to any Islamic sites.  It appears that a malware attack took place during a recent upload of information to our site.  According to investigators, these “website defacements” are taking place throughout the United States.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation is compiling information regarding these “defacements” and will continue investigations until the perpetrators of these attacks are brought to justice

Christina Pullen, a spokeswoman for the FBI, says they are actively and aggressively investigating any incident of this kind that is reported.

Following a similar incident earlier in the week, in which the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s website was hacked, the FBI released the following statement:

The FBI is aware of recent website defacement and we are working to identify those who have been impacted. These types of incidents, whether disruptive or merely distracting, highlight the prolific nature of cyber crime. The FBI will continue to work with our public and private sector partners to identify and hold those accountable who pose a threat in cyberspace.

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