10 On Your Side helps driver settle up with car wash

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — After weeks of unanswered calls and voice messages, one woman called 10 On Your Side to help her contact the owner of a car wash where she says her vehicle suffered thousands of dollars in damage during a routine wash.

“All of the sudden I felt my vehicle, the back side of my vehicle lift up, right off the ground,” said Sara, a Smithfield resident. “It scratched all the way down the side of vehicle and then finally stopped.”

Sara said the damage happened Feb. 28 when she went to the Mercury Lazer Wash on Mercury Boulevard in Hampton. She said she called the business more than 10 times and left more than six voice messages, but never received a call back. On Monday, just hours after 10 On Your Side showed up at the business, Sara got a call from the car wash owner.

“He didn’t deny anything,” Sara said. “He was very apologetic.”

Sara said she met with the car wash owner at 6 p.m. Monday and he offered to pay the nearly $3,600 in damage, as well as the cost of a rental car while her van is being repaired.

Sara said the owner told her the reason for the unanswered calls was because he was never forwarded her messages about the incident on Feb. 28.

The civil matter would have had to be settled in court, but Sara said she was trying to avoid having to take it to that level when she called the business multiple times.

“I like to find the good in people and really hope that they’re going to stand by their business and say, ‘look, ‘we’re sorry our equipment did this to your vehicle and we’re going to make right by it,'” Sara said prior to the owner contacting her.

That is exactly what she says the owner has now offered to do.

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