New documents reveal Coast Guardsman may have filmed murder

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Newly unsealed documents paint a darker picture of the murder of a U.S. Coast Guardswoman.

10 On Your Side has been working to get detailed information on this story since the shootings first took place in Bourne, Massachusetts a month ago. The affidavits obtained Friday, a stack of 94 pages, say the whole thing was caught on camera and detailed in a 250-page essay left for police by the alleged killer.

Documents: Investigation narrative and search warrant results

The suspect is Portsmouth-based Coast Guardsman Adrian Loya. His next court appearance is March 23.

In the unsealed documents, police say that after traveling from Chesapeake with his mind made up to murder Lisa Trubnikova, Loya mounted a camera on a tree branch across from Trubnikova’s home to watch her and her wife the day before the attack. The documents also reveal Loya mounted a portable video recorder to his chest before shooting his way in to the apartment the next day with a shotgun.

Police say he was also armed with a handgun and rifle and soon made his way into Trubnikova’s bedroom, where the couple was in bed. He ordered them to their feet. Then, according to the documents, Loya used the handgun to repeatedly shoot Lisa Trubnikova, who he said he’d previously had a disagreement with when all three were stationed in Alaska years ago. Trubnikova’s wife was seriously hurt in the incident, too.

Police said they found 15 9-millimeter casings, an empty handgun magazine, and a shotgun when they finally made it in the residence. They say Loya used the rifle to fire on officers outside as they made their way around hoax explosives and the car Loya set on fire to buy more time inside. One of those bullets pierced Officer Jared MacDonald, just below his bulletproof vest. He was released from rehab this week.

Chopper 10 was up above Loya’s Chesapeake home as police searched inside the same day he was arrested in Massachusetts.

Loya is being held at a state mental hospital where he’s undergoing psychiatric evaluations to see if he’s fit for trial.

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