Videos show pharmacy shooting and subsequent chase

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY)  – On February 23, 55-year-old Walter Lane Hubbard, of Virginia Beach, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the shooting death of pharmacist David Kilgore. He also pleaded guilty to attempted capital murder, among other charges, for firing at several police officers during a subsequent chase.

Because Hubbard pleaded guilty, video evidence that would have been used during a trial is now public record. 10 On Your Side obtained those videos from the Virginia Beach Circuit Court file.

This is a new perspective of a crime that deeply affected many people in Virginia Beach. The Virginia Beach Commonwealth Attorney’s office told that David Kilgore’s family has seen these videos. 10 On Your Side also called the family to give advance warning of sections of the videos being aired.

Below are two links leading to two separate videos. The first is surveillance video from inside the Beach Pharmacy, where the murder took place. WAVY News has chosen not to provide the entire video in our clip.

Video: Beach Pharmacy Surveillance Video

The surveillance video shows business as usual at the pharmacy on Laskin Road, until a man in a black shirt walks in. He fidgets, waiting for his turn, and as a female pharmacist approaches, Hubbard pulls out a gun and demands oxycodone.

David Kilgore, who Hubbard knew as Dave according to court papers, appears somehow calm. He remains on the phone with a customer. The woman on the other end of the call later told 10 On Your Side Kilgore said, “I’m being robbed.”

According to Hubbard’s statement to police, Kilgore gestured, saying “go on, get out of here,” refusing Hubbard the fix he was desperate for. Seconds later, David Kilgore was shot in the arm and chest. He stumbled, then collapsed.

What you don’t see on the video is Hubbard getting into a stolen dare blue Honda. He robbed a second pharmacy, then hid in a friend’s trailer at a mobile home park across from the Virginia Beach Convention Center. His freedom lasts less than 30 minutes.

Video: Virginia Beach Police pursuit of Hubbard

The second video is dash-cam recordings from inside a Virginia Beach Police car that was in pursuit of Walter Hubbard from Colony Mobile Home Park until the Honda CRV he was in crashed at the intersection of Witchduck Road and Virginia Beach Boulevard.

The video starts when officers spot his car. Hubbard, fires off rounds as he tries desperately to get away, but dozens of police vehicles are on his tail. He travels over spike strips on Virginia Beach Boulevard. Rubber from his tires flies into the air, and Hubbard eventually loses control, side-swipes one vehicle then crashes into another.

Walter Hubbard was quickly taken into custody. He will be sentenced in late May and faces three life prison terms, plus 23 years behind bars.

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