Teens rescued from icy lake in James City County

Courtesy James City County

JAMES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Three teens in Kingsmill were rescued off a frozen lake after two of the teens broke through the ice and fell into freezing water.

James City County Fire and Police were called out to the lake on Macaulay Road after a report of three teens needing assistance, Thursday afternoon.

Police say a girl had fallen through the ice and was able to get out of the water due to her close proximity to the dock. Two other teens were on the ice about 10 feet from the shoreline and were unable to move as the ice around them was beginning to break and fill with water.

The Kingsmill Police Department officers had brought with them a vehicle tow rope and threw it to the teenagers. As one of the teenagers was being removed he fell through the ice and was removed from the water.

The three teenagers were uninjured and were escorted home by police.

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