Digging out from the storm

Big cleanup underway after snow falls across area

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — A big cleanup effort was ongoing Thursday in Old Towne Portsmouth after more than five inches of snow fell overnight.

It was a day of pushing, lifting and even chopping.

“This is serious snow,” said Bill Petkovski. “It’s actually a little worse than I thought.”

Petkovski, a native New Yorker, was disappointed to wake up to the amount of snow on the ground.

“I actually don’t prefer the snow,” he said. “That’s why I moved a little bit farther south, and I’m a little upset and dismayed that we have this much snow right now.”

Vetree Riddick was more energetic about the winter weather. She spent the day out in the elements trying to make some snow money shoveling sidewalks and driveways.

“I’m nice and warm,” Riddick said. “I got three shirts, two pair of pants (and) two socks. I’m happy. I’m nice and warm.”

Refreezing on the roadways is what Petkovski is worried about heading into Friday morning.

“These roads are horrible,” he said. “Because it’s so slush,y this will freeze over, and it will be very unsafe and dangerous to transit on these roads and move around.”

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