Portsmouth residents describe a night without power

Steven Tari watches as crews fix lines. He and his neighbors spent the night without heat or power.

Portsmouth, Va. (WAVY) — After a night of frigid temperatures and howling winds, people in the Westhaven Park neighborhood in Portsmouth were thrilled to see Dominion Virginia Power crews roll in this morning to fix their outage.

“They came through sooner than I expected them to, I was expecting something later this afternoon,” said Jonathan Goodwin. “They arrived around 9 o’lock this morning and let us know they were getting ready to get started on it, and that made me very happy.”

Goodwin spent the night out and came home to find the power out, but his neighbors say the lines fell sometime after 7:00 Saturday night.

“The lights just went out and we saw loose sparks and everything shooting through the window,” said Corey Blanks.

Blanks, who works for a tree service, says he plans for situations like this, because he so often works at homes with downed power lines.

“I just plugged in my kerosene heater and we all got in one room,” he said. “I saw a lot of other people leaving.”

Others, like Goodwin, didn’t have a gnerator or extra heater.

“It’s freezing. It feels almost as cold [inside the house] as it is out here,” he said. “We’re inside the house with sweatshirts, thermals, sweatpants, everything on, staying underneath the blankets.”

Like much of Hampton Roads and North Carolina, power to the Westhaven Park area homes was restored by around noon Sunday.

“We can get back to our life, they’re ready for breakfast this morning,” Blanks said.

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