Search warrant shows local Coast Guardsman planned shooting

Adrian Loya (Photo courtesy Boston Herald).

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Court records reveal new information on the Portsmouth-based Coast Guardsman accused of shooting three people in Massachusetts.

Adrian Loya’s attorney has asked for all court paperwork to be sealed, but there’s still more information coming out.

Affidavit for Search Warrant

Documents show Loya allegedly planned the attack on two female colleagues for a while.

Guns, ammunition, casings, computer equipment and bomb-making materials were found at Loya’s Chesapeake home.

Search Inventory and Return 

As relatives prepare to lay Lisa Trubnikova to rest, her wife, Petty Officer Anna Trubnikova and Bourne Police Officer Jared MacDonald are said to be stable, still recovering in the hospital.

The search warrant obtained by WAVY News 10 details how officers and troopers responding to the call in Massachusetts found a vehicle on fire and several hoax explosive devices blocking the roadway to the condo where the couple lived. Police say they proceeded past the burning vehicle by foot toward the location where the shots were coming from and that’s where they encountered Loya who opened fire on them, striking Officer McDonald.  Soon, other officers found the Trubnikovas; Lisa had already died.

The search warrant paints a picture of what preceded it all.  It says Loya himself indicated he’d put the devices he used that day, his 31st birthday, together at his home.  Police also say he indicated he left thumb drives, letters and computer emails at his house showing that he’d reported being assaulted by one of the victims in the past.

His attorney did say last week that Loya had “some relationship” with at least one of the two women he allegedly shot.  But Lisa’s relatives told local reporters that Loya had been pursuing her for years, beginning when all three were stationed in Alaska, and he became obsessed.

Adrian Loya is being held without bond.  His next court appearance is March 23.

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