Exmore police work first homicide since 2005

EXMORE, Va. (WAVY) — Murder hasn’t touched a small town on the Eastern Shore for almost a decade — until Friday.

It was around 8:15 p.m. when Exmore police say a group of people were playing cards in a backyard shed off Frederick Douglas Road. Terrell “Juice” Mason, 26, had just arrived when gunshots rang out. Now Exmore police are working their first homicide case since 2005.

“It’s not fair that you had to come and take an innocent life for no reason,” said Traquan Brisco, the victim’s cousin. “He’s gone. We will never see him again.It’s very heartbreaking.”

WAVY/Greg Gadberry
WAVY/Greg Gadberry

In the New Road Village neighborhood, just about everyone is related or knows each other. Exmore Police chief Angelo DiMartino said it was common knowledge for the area that the group played cards there routinely. Two bullets shot through a small window on the side of the shed.

“Somebody came through there and shot two times through there,” said David Kellam, the victim’s grandfather. “He shot the first time and nobody paid it no mind. He shot the second time and everybody fell on the floor.”

Mason was rushed to Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital, where he later died.

“He wasn’t a trouble person. He would make sure I would stay out of trouble,” said Roquan Rogers, another cousin of the victim. “Why did it have to be him?”

“He was just a funny person,” Brisco said. “Everywhere he went, he never really wanted to fight. He just wanted to have fun.”

The family now has two focuses: caring for Mason’s eight children and finding the person responsible for making them fatherless.

“Juice is gone,” Brisco said. “We’ll never get him back, and you are still walking free. No arrests have been made. Something needs to be done and something needs to be done fast.”

DiMartino said detectives have some solid leads in the case, but, at this point, they can’t release any suspect descriptions. WAVY.com was told officers do have an idea about the motive, but that, too, they are keeping to themselves.

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