Connecting the dots in fatal Coast Guardsman shooting

Adrian Loya (Photo courtesy Boston Herald).

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — New details are emerging about a local Coast Guardsman accused of shooting three people in Massachusetts Thursday. 10 On Your Side is connecting the dots, looking into why he left Hampton Roads to go there.

The shootings happened in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, resulting in the death of one female Coast Guard member, injuries suffered to another and to a Bourne, Massachusetts police officer. Hours later, state and Chesapeake police converged on a house in a Greenbrier neighborhood.

The suspect is Adrian Loya, was stationed in Portsmouth. His attorney told Loya had “some relationship” with at least one of the two women he allegedly shot.

Neighbors told Petty Officer 2nd Class Loya was a loner, kept to himself, head down when he walked from his condo to his car.

“He wouldn’t say ‘hello,’ nobody would speak, he would be out back with a little fire pit and just kept to himself,” neighbor Melissa Beamon told 10 On Your side.

Loya would sit alone in his backyard, at his fire pit and grilling out.

After allegedly shooting the two women early Thursday morning, Loya is accused of setting a car on fire to block police from getting into the condo complex. When police responded to the burning car, they had to enter the complex on foot. Loya allegedly opened fire on officers, striking one just beneath his protective vest.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Lisa Trubnikova, 31, was killed in the shooting. Coast Guard Petty Officer Anna Trubnikova, 30, was shot but survived. Neither the district attorney nor the Coast Guard has disclosed the relationship between the Trubnikova women and Loya.

Police believe Loya traveled to Massachusetts to attack the women because of a prior disagreement with at least one of them. Officer Jared MacDonald of the Bourne Police Department was shot during the incident. He was air lifted to a hospital where he remains.

“It was shocking someone so close had done something so horrible,” Beamon said.

Beamon found it very odd Loya had two garages. The left side stacked with boxes and paint cans, and the right side one empty.

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