Man accused of driving back hoe with children in bucket

Bruno Antonio (Photo credit: York County Sheriff's Office)

YORK COUNTY (WAVY) — Deputies have arrested a man after he allegedly drove a back hoe on the road while several young children rode in the vehicle’s bucket.

Mike Russell with the York County Sheriff’s Office tells deputies were dispatched to the 1300 block of Wolf Trap Road after a citizen called to report the incident on Nov. 16, 2014 around 2 p.m.

When deputies arrived they saw four children between the ages of 7-11 sitting in the bucket and a toddler sitting with the driver, Bruno Antonio. Three of the children are Antonio’s and two are friends.

Deputies said “based on the facts that the speed limit on that stretch of road is 45 mph, the back hoe is a slow moving vehicle without any lighting, signage or warning signals and that the children were not restrained in any way” it is believed Antonio was operating a motor vehicle in a manner so as to endanger the lives of the children.

He was issued a summons for reckless driving and driving on a suspended license. On Jan. 9, the Commonwealths` Attorney determined that the additional charge of abuse and neglect of children should be filed in this case. He was arrested on Feb. 1 and transported to the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail.

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