10 On Your Side viewer replaces terminally ill woman’s scooter

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Tuesday night, a new freedom for a terminally ill woman rolled down Chryslon Lane in Norfolk.

Last week, WAVY.com introduced you to Valerie Ferebee, whose car was stolen with her medical scooter in the back seat. When police recovered her vehicle, the scooter was gone. Ferebee has a lung illness and needs the scooter to get around.

“I felt horrible for her, because it was pretty sad,” said Virginia Beach’s Laura Herrington. “I knew I had a scooter sitting in my office, so it seemed like it made sense.”

Herrington saw 10 On Your Side’s story about Ferebee and brought a new scooter to her Tuesday night.

“This is a nice scooter,” Ferebee said. “It is like a Cadillac style to me compared to what I had. I love it.”

More importantly, the gift lifted Ferebee’s spirits, which came to a halt when her scooter was taken.

“There are still nice people in the world that care and have compassion for other people,” Ferebee said. “I really appreciate what she did.”

Police said they have made an arrest in the investigation of Ferebee’s stolen vehicle.

“Whoever did what they did, they aren’t worth talking about,” Herrington said. “This type of thing is a blessing for me to be able to do. I was glad I was able to help you.”

Two strangers are now bonded with a little help from 10 On Your Side.

“I appreciate WAVY 10 On Your Side for just getting the story out there,” Ferebee said.

Ferebee said she has a doctor’s appointment Wednesday and can’t wait to try out the new scooter.

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