Portsmouth schools superintendent gets $31K raise

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Portsmouth Schools Superintendent Dr. Elie Bracy, III will earn $31,000 more than originally expected, a school board member said Friday.

Bracy officially starts next month and the School Board voted on Bracy’s contract Thursday night. Board member Ted Lamb said the initial number for Bracy’s base pay was $184,000. After negotiations, Lamb said the number went up to $215,000.

“We had a vote last night,” Lamb said. “The vote went 6-3 and that’s what the democratic process is so there’s a contract that is in motion. Dr. Bracy will be here and from here we need to start working on these ongoing problems that we’ve got.”

Lamb was one of three to vote against the new number.

“I did not think that for that amount that, I could not, with good conscience vote for that with the ongoing situations that we’re having to deal with here in Portsmouth. We’ve got bus driver issues as far as pay, instructional aides that was mentioned last night,” Lamb said.

Lamb said that despite his objection to the contract amount, he supports the new superintendent.

“I stand by my decision of voting to bring him to Portsmouth. I believe that he’s going to be a real asset, and when people see him, I believe that they will also think that too,” Lamb said.

Sam Meekins, who advised the board on the contract, said that the board was initially looking at paying Bracy’s health insurance and retirement contribution on top of the $184,000 base pay. Once they realized they couldn’t do that, the number went up, so Bracy could pay for that himself, Meekins said.

WAVY News left messages for Bracy and School Board Chairman James Bridgeford, but they did not respond Friday.

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