Councilman’s vote under federal investigation

Virginia Beach City Councilman John Uhrin (WAVY).

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach Councilman John Uhrin confirmed to 10 On Your Side that the city of Virginia Beach received a federal subpoena concerning his vote on the Cavalier Hotel project.

Friday night, Uhrin told our Andy Fox that he was aware of the subpoena, but he had not been given a subpoena himself.

“Nothing was done that was inappropriate, and the fact that another government agency wants to verify that is appropriate,” Uhrin said. “And we will certainly cooperate and make sure we do everything to verify that.” asked Uhrin if he ever made any inappropriate vote, and he responded, “I never made any vote for any project that my wife was involved with.”

Uhrin’s wife, Catherine, was hired to sell for Bruce Thompson’s Cavalier Hotel project, which includes homes that will be built on the site.

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