2 small planes ditch into sea off Hawaii; all aboard survive

HONOLULU (AP) — Authorities say two small planes ran out of fuel and went into the Pacific off Hawaii, but all five aboard the aircraft survived.

The Coast Guard says the separate incidents Sunday involved a plane carrying a solo pilot 250 miles off Hawaii, and another with four people aboard just a few miles off shore.

The pilot traveling from Tracy, California, to Maui radioed authorities that of plans to ditch because of dwindling fuel and the Coast Guard directed the pilot to put down near a cruise ship.

The ship then plucked the pilot to safety unhurt.

Later Sunday, the single-engine plane with four aboard ditched 11 miles off shore.

A Coast Guard helicopter hoisted the three adults and one child to safety.

Officials say all four were treated for undisclosed injuries.

The plane was flying from Kauai to Oahu.

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