State-of-the-art animal shelter opens on the Peninsula

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — The Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter is open for business and already taking a bite out of a big problem in Hampton Roads.

After many construction delays, the shelter off Jefferson Avenue in Newport News has finally opened its doors. And with less than a month under it’s belt, the state-of-the-art facility housed plenty of four-legged friends.

Manager Roger Iles took on an exclusive tour.

Photos: Peninsula Regional Animal shelter opens

“Because we don’t know a lot about these animals, we want to start from day one, we want to weigh the animal to make sure it’s healthy,” Iles said. “We feed a Nutrimax, a natural ingredient based food. Everything is done with the animals health in mind.”

There are rooms for strays, rooms for animals in transition and rooms for cleaning. The staff is hoping to adopt out as many animals as they can, walking them, working on social skills so they’re ready for a home and more. And there’s a trained professional right around the corner with modern technology used to spot medical problems fast.

“We can do many of the preventative healthcare procedures now and microchip,” Dr. Lisa Holland said. “With more staff, we’ll begin more surgical procedures.”

The new facility was built because the Peninsula SPCA no longer wants to handle the heartbreaking task of ending a precious life. Aside from when medically necessary, the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter wants to make sure as many animals as possible are adopted.

There’s a lot still underway. The building will be dedicated next week on Jan. 27. They’re accepting strays now from animal control, but it will be another month before they’re ready to adopt. And the big grand opening will be in the spring. Here’s a link to job openings at the shelter. There are three full-time and eight part-time positions still available.

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