Burglary victim: ‘All we want is our puppies’

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A Virginia Beach woman has a desperate plea: help her find her pets.

“They didn’t have to take the puppies,” Stephanie Angeloplulos said. “It was like they did it to be hateful.”

Wednesday morning, Angeloplulos left her Hill Prince Road home to take her kid to school. When she returned, her front door was kicked in and her two puppies missing.

“I came home to see a footprint on my door and then I saw the door cracked,” Angeloplulos said. “I immediately went to my car, locked it, and I called the police.”

She said she already knew what was taken.

“My heart dropped,” she said. “I knew the dogs, instantly, were gone.”

When police allowed her to go inside, she went straight to the room where the two puppies, Moose and Titan, had been caged. But the cages were empty.

“It was devastating,” she said. “They are my babies. They are part of my family now.”

The pit bull puppies are bothers and are only three and half months old. They were bought in November as early Christmas gifts for the children.

Police dusted for fingerprints. 10 On Your Side was told the thieves also stole several guns from the home.

“We just want them back,” Angeloplulos said. “You guys know who you are. You guys have them. We want our puppies back. Put them in the backyard. All we want is our puppies back.”

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