Manager: Kelly’s Tavern had nothing to do with double shooting

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – A busy Friday night at Kelly’s Tavern in Hampton abruptly changed when a shooting brought police to the bar parking lot.

“When I saw flashing lights, my security guard ran out there and then came back in and told me,” explained the Tavern’s manager, who did not want to be identified.

Hampton police responded to Kelly’s Tavern around 11 p.m., after getting several calls about shots fired. According to police, when they arrived, they could not find victims or a suspect. But moments later, two gunshot victims showed up at a nearby hospital. A 20-year-old man was pronounced dead and a 17-year-old boy was treated.

“All they told us is there was a shooting,” the manager explained. “They gave us no information. They did come in here that night and all the next morning looking at video footage.”

The Kelly’s Tavern manager spoke only with because she doesn’t want the shooting to put the business in a bad light. She said she looked at her security tapes and believes Friday night’s double shooting happened by some dumpsters, where a few parking lots meet.

“It’s in the very back, all the way at the back end, there’s a shed back there. It’s just like overflow parking,” she said.

A WAVY News crew on the scene Friday night captured investigators working several feet in front of those dumpsters, a little closer to the tavern. 10 On Your Side wanted to clear up that discrepancy with police, but they told us they had nothing more to release about the incident.

“Kelly’s has nothing to do with this,” the manager said. “It just happened to be on the back part of our parking lot.”

She said her security tapes back up her claim that the Tavern was just coincidentally in the same location as a shooting, and that it didn’t happen there because of anything that may have transpired inside the Tavern.

“We do have cameras, and they never came through our doors,” she said of the victims and possible suspects. “They never even came around the side of the building, they were in the back the entire time.” did try to get more details about why the suspect or suspects and the victims were in that parking lot when the shooting happened. We also wanted to learn more about how they got to the hospital and how the 17-year-old victim is recovering. Police would only say they had no further information to release.

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