Elizabeth City police arrest 16 in rash of break-ins

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WAVY) — The Elizabeth City Police Department has arrested more than a dozen people in connection with a recent rash of break-ins.

Over the last three months, the department has filed 47 felony charges and six misdemeanor charges related to these break-ins:

  • 12 counts of felony breaking and entering
  • 1 count of 1st degree burglary
  • 4 felony counts of felony larceny after breaking and entering
  • 12 counts of felony larceny
  • 11 counts of felony possession of stolen goods
  • 1 count of felony possession of burglary tools
  • 6 counts of felony obtaining property by false pretense
  • 3 counts of misdemeanor damage to real property
  • 1 count of misdemeanor damage to personal property

On Monday, the department released a list of 16 people who had been charged for these crimes — click here to look at the list.

Back in October, Elizabeth City police said they had received more reports of break-ins across the city than they normally do: 50 commercial or residential break-ins and 28 vehicle break-ins, since August 1.

Kailin Brown and Tiffany Barker live just a few miles apart in Elizabeth City. They don’t know each other, but they do have something in common: both women were robbed of thousands of dollars in valuables, and they are now living on edge.

“I used to walk all around the block, and now we don’t go outside (and) my porch light stays on,” Brown said. “I don’t know what kind of animal would do that to just a woman …  and two small children, alone.”

Brown was robbed Nov. 1. A brick came flying through her window along East Burgess Street around 8 p.m. The bandit made off with her brand new purse and everything inside. The damage exceeded $2,000, including the cost to repair a broken window.

Just down the road, on Chancey Drive, the Barker family is still getting back to normal after a robber hit their home in early December.

“All my cabinets were wide open. Things had been dumped out everywhere … he had went through everything,” Barker said. “They took my son’s XBOX 360, a couple of Wii [systems], my work telephone, jewelry, my computer … ”

The family was robbed of more than $10,000 in property. Police caught one of the two men believed to be responsible and even recovered some of their property, including a laptop and watches. The family is just thankful they weren’t home when the crime happened, and they’re even happier knowing the person allegedly responsible is off the street.

“It does give me piece of mind to know that it’s not going to happen again … well, hopefully not happen again,” Barker said.

The arrests bring no piece of mind for Brown, though. She’ll soon be moving: “I cannot live here anymore. I cannot.”

The men allegedly responsible for the break-ins at the Barker and Brown residences are two of the 16 suspects arrested by the Elizabeth City Police Department.

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