Chesapeake residents battle draining problem

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – A Chesapeake man called 10 On Your Side for help after he and his neighbors have been battling a draining problem, off and on, for several weeks.

Ron Steele said the problem started in his Oak Brooke neighborhood around Christmas, but became worse after heavy rain on Sunday.

“The drain right out here in front started to back up. It was only a small back-up, maybe four feet … We contacted the city, informed them of the same,” Steele said. “A couple of gentlemen came out, looked at it, said it was a back-up, said that they would have to check the drain system over to the lake where it supposedly drains out.”

Monday evening the water was still trickling around his home and into his backyard.

“It has backed up, now it has become a torrent of water flowing through the property, almost flooding the neighbor’s garage, sandbagging the neighbor’s garage,” Steele said. “My backyard is becoming a pond, about three to four feet deep.”

Steele said firefighters came out over the weekend and helped to place sandbags and pump water. He’s worried the water will continue to creep closer to his home if it has nowhere else to go.

“I guess I’m most concerned about the potential loss of value to my property because this is a nice neighborhood. I want to hold my property values up. All of our neighbors take pride in their property,” Steele said.

Steele said city workers responded a few times, but it was not clear where the project stood, as of Monday, because city offices were closed for the holiday.

According to the Public Works Department, the storm drainage system was flushed on Dec. 29, 2014. On Jan. 14, a crew attempted to again flush the system but only got through 155 feet due to very large rocks in the pipe. They could not get through the entire pipe. The next day a crew attempted to CCTV (remote camera system) the pipe (working from the street to the pond) but only got about 170 feet before the camera flipped due to the numerous very large rocks within the pipe, say officials.

Officials with the City of Chesapeake say a crew arrived on-site Tuesday and is pumping the pond down to attempt to determine what is going on with the drainage system.


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