String of vehicle break-ins reported in Va. Beach neighborhood

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — At least five vehicles were broken into in the Virginia Beach neighborhood Cambria at Cornerstone overnight Thursday.

Virginia Beach police spokeswoman Tonya Borma said the vehicle break-ins happened on Citrine Avenue, Kashmir Avenue, and Mica Avenue. All three streets are just blocks apart. Borman said investigators are considering them larcenies or attempted larcenies, at this point.

“Hard-working people are getting their cars broken into, in a neighborhood like this,” resident Frederick Manley said. “It’s very unfortunate.”

Residents told they woke up to police officers in their neighborhood Friday morning. spoke to the owner of a car that had a smashed window. He said he got home close to midnight. By the time he went out to his car at 5:45 a.m., his window was broken. He said all that was stolen was a broken cell phone. But whoever broke into his car, also hit the vehicle next to him.

Residents said the Cambria at Cornerstone property manager sent out a letter to residents on Friday. It said there were several break-ins in the neighborhood, as well as other apartment communities in the area. The property manager said police and a private security company will step up patrols in the neighborhood.

Police reports on these cases are still being generated. is working to figure out what other apartment communities were affected. Virginia Beach police ask you to call and make a formal report if your car was broken into as well.

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