Chesapeake resident looks for help with street light outages

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A Chesapeake man says he’s not comfortable on his Norfolk Highlands neighborhood street. John Yorty said the street lights on his block are out and he feels the issue is taking too long to get resolved.

“I just feel like we’re kind of left out,” said Yorty, who lives on Elder Avenue where the street comes to a dead end.

Neighbors told Elder Avenue is well known for being poorly lit. While most lights appeared to be working Tuesday night, two were out and the outages were right in front of Yorty’s house.

“When we get home from work, you can’t see a single thing,” Yorty said.

Yorty said he’s had problems with the two street lights throughout the year. He said he’s reported the outages to the City of Chesapeake multiple times. However, the city gives the reports to Dominion Virginia Power, which owns the street lights.

Yorty said a crew came out to fix the lights earlier this year, but the outages have continued.

Dominon spokeswoman Bonita Harris said the power company did receive a report about two light outages at the end of Elder Avenue on December 18, 2014. The only other report Dominion has on file for Yorty’s block of Elder Avenue is from March 2014.

Harris said Dominion crews have 11 days to fix overhead lights, like the fixtures on Elder Avenue. Crews have 15 days to fix underground lights and 45 days if a cable needs to be replaced.

Yorty said the process for him has not been efficient.

“Expedite it a little bit,” Yorty said. “It takes way too long.”

Harris said there can be factors that contribute to the process taking longer than the allotted time. She added, work requests can be prioritized if safety is a concern.

Here are more tips for reporting an outage to Dominion:

  • You can report a street light outage online — click here (Dominion will ask for the pole number and location of the outage).
  • You can also call the customer service center at 1-866-DOM-HELP.
  • You can contact the City of Chesapeake (click here), get a work order and then follow up for updates with Dominion.

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