Vandals smash windows, ransack cars in Va. Beach parking garage

Virginia Beach, Va. (WAVY) – Vandals broke into several vehicles parked in a Virginia Beach Towne Center parking garage overnight Saturday, citizens said.

The Saturday night manager on duty at the Westin hotel told 10 On Your Side’s Brandi Cummings the City of Virginia Beach owns the parking garage that connects to their building, so they are not responsible.

It’s the feeling no one ever wants. You get to your car to leave and find someone has invaded your vehicle.

Broken glass is what’s left behind after people tell 10 on your side thieves broke into their vehicles and ransacked their belongings. Police say a total of 13 vehicles were broken into, and only one reported a larceny.

Cathy Doxey sent photos, showing family pictures and personal property just thrown around. The glove box open and its contents pulled out. Other things were just thrown on the ground.

While inside the parking garage at the corner of Columbus and Market Streets, 10 On Your Side saw four different piles of shattered glass.

Doxey says a note placed on victims’ cars asked them to call Towne Center security.

10 On Your Side’s Brandi Cummings called that number, but was told she would not be able to talk to the security manager, Angie Lee until Monday.

Although Doxey says they didn’t call Virginia Beach Police because of the note left on her car, she did get a note from the Westin with information about a Virginia Beach Police case number and officer to contact.

No one 10 On Your Side spoke to Saturday night knew about the break-ins.

“It’s always kinda disappointing to hear crime happening in a place that you like to visit,” Chris Williams of Norfolk said.

Williams and his family often visit Towne Center, but never park in the garage. “This parking lot is kind of convenient to the other restaurants,” Williams said.

But Vanessa Ramos of Norfolk always does. “There’s not many spots usually at night-time specially on the weekends, so that’s why I usually park here because it’s always somewhere to park,” Ramos said.

So does Tiffany Holloway. She works nearby and hadn’t heard about the break-ins either. “I find that really surprising that people were breaking into cars but it’s possible anywhere,” Tifffany Holloway of Newport News said.

While inside the parking garage, 10 On Your Side’s Brandi Cummings spoke to an officer with Admiral Security Services. He told her someone would have been patrolling the garage overnight.

Stay with 10 On Your Side as we work to find out, if someone was patrolling the parking garage, how could so many cars be broken into?


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