Woman feels car wrongfully towed at the Oceanfront

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Kate Bond’s fun Saturday at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront turned sour when she said her car was wrongfully towed.

“I just feel like it was unjust. We were given permission,” bond told WAVY.com.

Bond said she parked in a shopping plaza parking lot across the street from the convention center. She was there to run a race and said parking at the convention center was full. She said she asked permission at one of the businesses in the shopping plaza, Pizza Palace, before she left her car unattended.

“The owner of the pizza shop came out and was like, ‘yeah, absolutely, you can park here. Come get water afterward.’ So we were like ‘okay.'” Bond explained to WAVY.com.

But despite that, Bond’s car was towed, costing her $145. And she said she wasn’t the only one.

“My boss ran out and tried to stop them from taking some of the cars,” said Tim Olsen, who works at Pizza Palace. “He’s like ‘you can’t take the customers cars here.'”

But Bond returned to find her car gone. She said her husband confronted the tow truck driver, who was back at the shopping plaza.

“He couldn’t give us any information about why he was towing our cars, or who called, or anything like that,” she said.

WAVY.com learned the Pizza Palace does not own the plaza. We weren’t able to to reach the owner, but did get the property manager. He said Aristocrat Towing was hired originally because people were leaving unregistered cars in the lot. Olsen said he sees them make rounds several times a day, towing cars.

“I don’t know, probably on some days 50 times, some days 10 times,” Olsen said.

The property manager told WAVY.com the owner has been briefed about Saturday’s situation and the employee’s complaints, but couldn’t say if anything would be changed.

10 On Your Side did make multiple attempts to contact Aristocrat Towing. We went in person, and called them on the phone. The owner wasn’t there, and hasn’t called me back.

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