Dozens of vehicles vandalized in Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Virginia Beach police say someone has vandalized more than 100 cars across the city. The majority of the vehicles, about 86, had the windows shot out by a BB or pellet gun.

The vandalism cases stretch across all four police precincts, according to police spokeswoman Tonya Borman.

More than 30 cases have happened this week. Many vehicles were found with windows shot out off London Bridge Road.

Habib Abijaoudi is one of the residents who woke up to a police officer knocking on his door around 2 a.m. Wednesday.

“It was kind of weird at first because I thought something was wrong,” said Abijaoudi.

It turns out the police officer had spotted Abijaoudi’s Honda Civic and saw the window had been shattered.

Abijaoudi, who lives on Hunting Horn Way in the Hunt Club Forest neighbrhood, was not the only one. Other cars have been vandalized on his street and throughout the neighborhood. More than a dozen vehicles were hit by vandals in that area on Tuesday night.

Police officers spotted the vandalism aftermath on many occasions and let the owners know as the one officer did for Abijaoudi.

“He even told me that there was about 23 cars in the area that had been hit and shattered,” said Abijaoudi.

Virginia Beach police have developed a long list of similar car vandalism cases that started Nov. 20. The list is of 86 separate cases of vehicle vandalism. They happened throughout the four police precincts and when placed on a map, are spread out.

Borman said the 86 cases involve what appears to be windows shot out or shattered by a pellet or BB gun. Borman said there are an additional 50 cases in the city that involve vehicle vandalism, but not necessarily a BB gun or pellet gun. has heard of multiple cases and all involve vehicles that were parked on the street overnight.

“It is frustrating because now that you don’t have the luxury of parking your car in front of your house,” said Abijaoudi. “You have got to make sure you have four cars parked into the driveway to avoid future problems.”

Virginia Beach police don’t know if all these cases are related. Borman said it does not appear items were stolen from the various vehicles.

Police also don’t have a suspect description. Borman said during one case a maroon or dark colored vehicle was spotted nearby.

There’s also not a clear time of night the vandalism is happening. Abijaoudi said he did hear a loud pop outside his window around 10 p.m. when his car was vandalized.

Police are asking you to keep an eye out in your neighborhood and report anything strange.

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