19-year-old robbery suspect will serve 4 1/2 years

RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) – A robbery suspect caught by using a mobile app to locate the victim’s phone will spend four and a half years in jail.

19-year-old Devin Sykes will serve three years for committing a felony with a firearm and one and a half years for robbery, which was reduced from 10.

Authorities said in May Sykes got out of his car with a gun and held it to the victim’s chest when he hesitated to hand over the iPhone 5. Sykes took off with the phone, a charger and wallet. He tossed the wallet later but kept the phone.

The 19-year-old victim, who was robbed in Virginia Beach, used the Find my iPhone app from his friend’s phone, which located locate the phone at Syke’s home in Henrico County.

Virginia Beach detectives said Sykes is one of two charged in the armed theft. Julian Crosby, 20, from Chesterfield was arrested in connection with the crime as well.

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