Town manager defends decision to reinstate police chief

NAGS HEAD, N.C. (WAVY) – Nags Head town manager Cliff Ogburn has said Police Chief Kevin Brinkley is capable of doing his job — even though he faces charges related to the assault of his wife.

It’s been two weeks since Brinkley was arrested. The warrant states he grabbed his wife by the neck, twice.

“It’s a personal matter between he and his wife,” Ogburn said. “I feel like that’s where this should be resolved.”

“I have known Chief Brinkley to be nothing more than a well-respected, very capable law enforcement officer who truly believes in the principles in which he’s employed to uphold,” Ogburn said. “As a result of this investigation, I haven’t seen anything that would lead me to believe otherwise.”

Ogburn’s investigation is separate from the one done by Currituck County deputies. They arrested Brinkley and charged him with assaulting his wife Nov. 28.

That same day, according to the Currituck County Superior Court Clerk’s Office, a Magistrate Judge set an unsecured $5,000 bond. That means Kevin Brinkley is free to go without paying anything, as long as he shows up in court.

In the meantime, Ogburn’s investigation was completed in just two weeks. He said that’s all the time he needed to determine whether Brinkley is capable of doing his job.

Brinkley is scheduled to be in court Jan. 26. The town manager told 10 On Your Side if Brinkley is found guilty of the charges, he will reevaluate his decision.

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