Apartment tenants complain of week-long gas outage

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Tenants of a Norfolk apartment complex say they don’t have gas to cook with and they haven’t had it for eight days.

A gas leak at the Parkwood Manor apartments forced residents out of their homes last week.

“All of us had to evacuate our apartments,” resident Kathleen Casey said. “They brought a bus for everybody to sit in, because it was raining. They turned all the gas off.”

Gas service — which the residents use for stoves and ovens — still hasn’t been restored to the apartment complex. And residents are wondering what is taking so long.

“In the beginning, that was okay,” Casey said. “We just lived off of microwaves, crock pots and things of the sort, but then after a while, that’s old.”

Virginia Natural Gas told 10 On Your Side the apartment complex owned two gas lines that sprouted leaks. Apartment management has since asked Virginia Natural Gas to put in new lines and take over the maintenance. The gas company said it’s part is done and it is waiting for apartment management to do inspections and turn the pilot lights on.

“What are we supposed to do, as tenants, in the meantime?” Casey asked. “If we don’t want to give them rent, they want to put us out. This is not right. They need to accommodate in some sort of way, a lot better than what they have been doing.”

Apartment management did give residents a $25 gift card to go out and buy an electric appliance to cook on. Sandra Shumpert’s appliance is still in the box.

“It is just like a slap in the face,” Shumpert said. “I’m not happy with that.”

Residents said this isn’t the first time the gas has gone out. They told 10 On Your Side a gas outage in November lasted for about two weeks.

10 On Your Side went to the Parkwood Manor leasing office and was were told someone from Artcraft Management, which owns the complex, would call back. That has not happened, yet.

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