Police chief reinstated, despite pending assault charge

NAGS HEAD, N.C. (WAVY) — Nags Head’s town manager has reinstated Police Chief Kevin Brinkley, who was recently charged with simple assault related to a domestic dispute with his wife.

Chief Brinkley, 44, will return to work Tuesday, after being on paid administrative leave since late last month, Nags Head spokeswoman Roberta Thuman told WAVY.com.

Brinkley was put on leave after an argument with his wife at their Curriutck County home. Dare County sheriff’s deputies charged him with simple assault, and he was released on bond. Rochelle Brinkley, 44, was also charged with assault, Thuman said.

Town Manager Cliff Ogburn investigated the incident and decided Brinkley could handle his duties as police chief.

“After concluding my investigation, which involved numerous interviews, including speaking to Currituck County officials and Chief Brinkley’s wife, in addition to reviewing several documents related to the incident, I’ve reinstated him to his position, resuming all of his normal duties with no restrictions,” Ogburn said in a press release.

Chief Brinkley is scheduled to appear in court for the assault charge on January 26. Ogburn said the situation could be reassessed, once the charge is adjudicated.

“As I’ve said previously, Chief Brinkley has been nothing but forthright and cooperative regarding this incident,” Ogburn said. “I’m confident he will continue to act professionally as he handles his responsibilities as Nags Head’s chief law enforcement official.”

Brinkley leads 22 officers, as Nags Head police chief. He has worked for the department since 1990 and been chief since 2009, Thurman said.

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