McAuliffe plans to budget $28M for voting machines

Gov. Terry McAuliffe proposing a one time investment of $28 million to change voting machines. Twitter / @vaELECT

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP/WAVY) — Gov. Terry McAuliffe is planning to include $28 million in his budget for new voting machines across Virginia that would create a paper trail for individual votes.

McAuliffe announced the plan during an appearance in Virginia Beach on Monday.

“Participating in our democracy is one of the most important rights we have as citizens of this Commonwealth and country,” said McAuliffe. “However, we cannot expect Virginians to come to the polls on Election Day if we cannot ensure that their votes will be counted correctly and in a timely manner. The problems Virginia encountered on Election Day this year were unacceptable, which is why I have taken unprecedented steps to replace all legacy voting equipment in the Commonwealth with state-of-the art machines that have paper trails and will update our Department of Elections website.”

According to the Virginia Department of Elections, the proposal would pay for new machines in about 2,100 precincts and reimburse about 400 that have already moved to the newer systems.

In addition to the newer technology, uniformity in the machines would avoid confusion and make it easier to find repairmen if needed during elections.

The Virginia Department of Elections says if approved, the new machines will be in place for 2015.

Some voters and candidates reported difficulties casting accurate votes using touch-screen voting machines in the November election.


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