Man wants refund, not voucher, for PEOPLExpress flight

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – A Chesapeake man wants his money back for a flight he booked through PEOPLExpress, instead of a voucher he can’t use.

Glen Weaver said he paid $304 to fly to Boston from Newport News with his son in July. He said the plane had mechanical issues and did not take off at 7:30 a.m., as scheduled.

Weaver said he later requested a refund, but received an e-mail saying the airline was working through “teething pains” in its first weeks of service, and would give him a free round-trip ticket, good until January.

“I was willing to accept what they’d offered, given me the free round-trip ticket and also crediting my account to use their airline in the future, but once I found all these different issues and problems that PEOPLExpress was having, it kind of appeared suspect to me,” Weaver told 10 On Your Side.

Some customers were stranded in September, after PEOPLExpress said it had problems with the only two planes it was leasing, and canceled all flights. Then the airline suspended service. Last month, PEOPLExpress had to move out of Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport because airport officials said the airline owed about $100,000 in fees.

“That’s when I called 10 On Your Side,” Weaver said. “I’m like, hey, not only, I’m out $304 dollars or whatever amount it is, but what about everybody else? … I went in to PEOPLExpress, expecting to get the service that I paid for. Instead, I didn’t get the service that I paid for, and I got the runaround.”

Weaver asked for a refund again this month and got the following response from PEOPLExpress:

Thank you for contacting us. We apologize for the inconvenience that you experienced on July 20. Unfortunately, just as all of our fares are non-refundable, our company credits are also non-refundable.

We remain in business and are currently working on our plans to resume service and are currently on schedule to make an announcement in the coming few months. You may apply your credit towards future travel once we resume service. A decision on extension of the expiration date of company credit will be made and communicated once our resumption of service plans are finalized and announced.

“Who’s to say they’re going to resume service?” Weaver told 10 On Your Side.

WAVY News contacted a PEOPLExpress spokesman about Weaver’s concerns and received the same e-mail the airline sent Weaver. The spokesman said the airline had no response to additional questions from WAVY News.

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