Wife of Nags Head police chief talks about assault allegations

CURRITUCK COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) – The wife of Nags Head Police Chief Kevin Brinkley talked to WAVY News Monday about the investigation into her husband’s alleged assault.

The Currituck County Sheriff said Brinkley was charged with assaulting his 44-year-old wife on Nov. 28. He is now on paid leave, Nags Head spokesperson Roberta Thuman said.

Brinkley’s wife, Rochelle, said it started when she and the chief were arguing last week and he started recording it on his phone. She said she tried to get the phone, and she did not deny that she hit him. Rochelle said her husband put his hand on her throat and left marks there. She said her 14-year-old son called 911. Rochelle said she went to the magistrate’s office, where she was told charges would be filed against her husband, even though she didn’t want them. Kevin Brinkley turned himself in on the same day to have the warrant served. He was released later that day on a $5,000 bond and has a court date for the assault on Dec. 26.

Rochelle said her husband then filed a charge against her and she planned to turn herself in. Rochelle turned herself in on Monday and was released later day on a $2,000 bond and has a court date for the domestic violence ex-parte order on Dec. 9 and a court date on Dec. 12 for the assault.

Over the weekend, the chief’s attorney, Pat Hudspeth, released a statement, reading in part, “Mr. Brinkley adamantly denies the false and unfounded allegations against him, and he takes very seriously his duty to follow the same laws he is sworn to uphold and enforce … We are completely confident that Mr. Brinkley will be absolved of these unsubstantiated allegations.”

Brinkley’s wife said she believes alcohol played a role in what happened.

In a statement, Nags Head Town Manager Cliff Ogburn said: “Chief Brinkley called me immediately about what occurred; he’s been forthright and cooperative throughout the investigation. The chief has maintained open communication with the Town in a professional manner, and I have full confidence that the judicial system will provide the truth in this matter.”

WAVY News has left messages for Chief Brinkley and Hudspeth, seeking comment on Rochelle’s account.

Brinkley’s charges were dismissed on Jan. 26.

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