Stranded whale euthanized on Sandbridge beach

Photo courtesy Virginia Aquarium

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A pygmy sperm whale washed up on Sandbridge’s Little Island Monday morning.

Around 8 a.m., the Virginia Aquarium’s stranding response team was called to the beach, where a seven-foot female whale was stranded and in critical condition, according to aquarium spokeswoman Joan Barns.

The team had to euthanize the whale, and then conducted an external exam on it. On Tuesday, a full necropsy will be done.

“While relatively few [of this type of whale] strand in Virginia, they are one of the most common species to strand alive. Of the 49 … that have stranded in Virginia since 1989, 31 stranded alive,” Barns said.

She said that while they often stand alive, this type of whale usually has a poor prognosis in rehabilitation situations.

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