Hampton Roads residents give through social media

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) – For Rick Cale, the giving spirit of the holidays started with a simple Facebook post.

Cale put up a picture with ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal and wrote “free to whoever is in need near Mount. Trashmore.” More than 200 people responded. Some were complimenting his good deed and others asked for help. His giving quickly became contagious.

“The response as crazy it went really quick,” he said. “It felt really good. I was on Facebook all night long watching all the people that were helping out other families.”

Throughout Wednesday night, dozens of other people posted their Thanksgiving food they wanted to give away too. They fed families across Hampton Roads.

Without knowing about Cale’s post, Tori Raasio from Chesapeake also wrote on a similar page – offering dinner to one family in need. But 17 replied.

“It was hard to just tell them no so i reached out to my friends on Facebook and Instagram and it was crazy the amount of responses I got,” Raasio said.

Donations started to pour in, and she loaded up her car and spent the night putting in more than 100 mile around Hampton Roads. She made 11 special deliveries.

“It’s an eye opener to know that so many people that aren’t out on the streets but looking at them you wouldn’t know they need help,” Raasio told 10 On Your Side.

She said it took about 12 hours to organize the impromptu food drive. She plans on focusing more organized effort for Christmas and hopes to reach more families in need.

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