Help choose the names of the Rio 2016 Olympics mascots

In this photo released by Rio 2016 Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the mascots of Rio 2016 Olympic, left, and Paralympic Games pose for a photo at the Leme Fort, with Copabana beach, left, in the background, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014. The Mascots are inspired by the Brazilian fauna and flora. (AP Photo/Rio 2016, Alex Ferro)

The Rio 2016 Olympics organizing committee revealed the mascots for the games on national television in Brazil on Sunday.

In a statement, the organization said “the mascots of Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games are inspired by the Brazilian fauna and flora.”

The Olympic character is a yellow animal said to represent all of the different animals of Brazil.

The Paralympic mascot is a blue symbol, described by the committee as “a unique mixture of the Brazilian flora.”

It also launched a contest to choose one of three possible names for each mascot.

The naming options for the Olympic symbol are Oba, Tiba Tuque and Vinicius. For the Paralympic character, the choices are Eba, Esquindim and Tom.

People are invited to vote at the official website of the games. 

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