Residents oust condo association board members

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A contentious relationship between a Virginia Beach condo association and its residents ended with a vote Thursday night to replace the board members.

“A group of us owners finally had a special meeting, and we voted to remove the present board from their positions,” said Sawgrass Condos resident Marion Lisenby.

Residents called 10 On Your Side in June after the pool was taken away. learned they weren’t able to use it because because the Sawgrass association owed $31,000 in pool fees.

Residents said they pay condo dues every month and wondered where that money going. Fingers were directly pointed at the Sawgrass Board members, who handle the money.

“I think we all hope that now we can start to get back the amenities we lost, like the pool, the tennis courts and the workout room,” added resident Kristen Rankin. “I think we are all hoping for transparency, and that we will have access to the documents that are legally ours.”

Residents asked board members for audits and other documents that would show board expenses. When the board refused to give them up, residents took members to court and won.

“When you own a condo, there is uniformity,” said resident Debbie Hodges. “You have rules and regulations to go by, and those rules and regulations haven’t been followed under that board.”

10 On Your Side called board president Kim Edwards for comment about the vote. She picked up the phone, but immediately hung up. did get a hold of  board treasurer Brenda Shaffer, but she hung up on us, too.

“Oh my goodness gracious, it is the end a traumatic few years,” Lisenby said.

“I know that this is really a big step,” Rankin added. “It’s an important step, but it is also the first step.”

10 On Your Side was told the Sawgrass board that was put in place Thursday night is only temporary. Residents will have to vote on a permanent board at the annual meeting in January.

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