Break out season for Cox’s Cole Johnson

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – He takes command of the offense and gets the job done on the ground and through the air. The game of football is coming to Cole Johnson. “He has a quite confidence about him. He is more efficient for the Cox passing attack than we ever thought he would be and he’s become a very valuable runner,” says Cox Head Coach Bill Stachelski.

Stachelski has a proven winner and leader in Junior quarterback Cole Johnson. A surprise to many in this area, but not at Cox high school. “He didn’t surprise anyone this year. He’s had a great career as his overall record as a starter. As a JV player he only lost one game in two years,” said Stachelski.

And this year Johnson has led the Falcons to a 9-2 record and the schools first ever playoff victory. “It was amazing for the entire program. Its changed the mindset here at Cox where nobody every thought of us as a football program, but now everyone knows we are a force at the beach,” said Johnson.

This season Johnson has gotten the job done with his arm and legs. He has thrown for 21 touchdowns with over 17 hundred yards passing. He has only thrown 5 interceptions. As a runner he has rushed for 5 touchdowns including this 80 yard score against Ocean Lakes. “It was a busted play. The running back went the wrong way. I just cut to the outside and saw it was wide open. I did not look back and it was a touchdown,” said Johnson.

At 6-5, 190 pounds, Cole Johnson only needs to put on weight to get the attention of division 1 football programs. His coach says he has the leadership qualities that big schools look for. “In the classroom, not only is he a smart kid, but he helps out the kids who don’t get it. And that’s what you want in your quarterback. You want someone who will command a huddle.” said Stachelski. “I’ve always tried to be the head of the group or the tops in my class. It transfers to the field. As a quarterback you have to lead your team in everything,” added Johnson.

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