Transgender student: ‘I’m fighting for my right to use the correct restroom’

GLOUCESTER, Va. (WAVY) — Gloucester’s school board has delayed voting on a policy involving restroom facilities for a transgender student, until its December 9 meeting.

“Though I was assigned female at birth, that’s not the case. I’m a boy,” 10th grader Gavin Grimm told

Grimm, who attends Gloucester High School, came out as transgender over the summer. At school, he was initially told to use the nurse’s bathroom, then he was allowed to use the boys restroom.

Photos: Transgender Restroom Controversy

The 15-year-old told, “However, there have been some parents in the community, or rather adults, that have had a problem with this. So, I’m fighting for my right to use the correct restroom … the men’s restroom.”

Gavin was joined by his parents and other supporters at Wednesday night’s Gloucester School Board meeting, along with opponents.

“We have more to consider than the rights of one student,” one of the speakers said. “What about the rights of other students?”

Gavin’s mother, Deirdre, said her son has rights, too, and she hopes the school board will seriously consider that at its next meeting.

“The issue for me is that the only proposal to be voted on December 9 is for Gavin to go back to using the girls restroom, and there needs to be another proposal, because Gavin is not going to use the girls restroom, not going to happen. Gavin is a boy,” she said.

Deirdre points out that the boys restrooms have stalls, with doors that lock to ensure privacy. She and Grimm both say they want what’s fair for everybody, but admit it’s a divisive issue, for some.

“This is an important and difficult issue, but the discussion has started,” Gloucester School Board member Carla Hook told

She’s looking forward to talking about the issue when it’s set to come before the board again next month.

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