Sailor’s home burglarized during training mission

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Just before Veteran’s Day, someone took advantage of local Sailor. Adam Pollnow just got back from a two-week training mission, only to find thieves broke into his home and stole everything.

“I’ve always had that theory that everything happens for a reason, but this is one of those things I just can’t figure out why,” Pollnow said.

Gone for just a matter of weeks, Pollnow came home to find his 29th Street house looked much different than when he left. The thieves ripped out a window air conditioning unit in the backyard and crawled through a window.

“From there, it looks like they took everything right out the backdoor,” Pollnow added.

Pollnow is a Sailor stationed on the USS Kearsarge. He was gone on a two-week training mission and couldn’t believe his eyes when he walked though his front door.

“I was in complete shock,” Pollnow said. “I almost shut down because I didn’t know what to do.”

The house was ransacked and most of his valuables were gone.

“This room had TV’s, my laptop and my gun,” Pollnow said. “They ransacked the spare room. They took the washer and dryer. They even ransacked the kitchen. They took the microwave and my pots and pans.”

No room was left untouched. No drawer is still intact.

“It is frustrating knowing that you are out there protecting and serving and you come home and somebody has the audacity to steal everything that you worked hard for,” Pollnow said.

Even more upsetting is that none of the neighbors say they saw anything. They didn’t see the person who was loading up item after item that wasn’t theirs.

“If somebody knows something, I would just wish they would step forward and call the police,” Pollnow said.

To make matters worse, he is getting married next month, and now he and his fiancé literally are going to have to re-build their lives. There has been an online fund set up to help them out — click here to check it out.

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