Renters: Management won’t fix faulty heating system

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — People living in a Newport News apartment complex called 10 On Your Side because they don’t have control over the temperature of their homes.

Residents living in the North Jefferson Square apartments in Newport News told they are having problems with their HVAC units.

“It just will not work,” resident Nakita Jordan said.

Jordan said she hasn’t been able to get the heat in her rented apartment to work, so far this fall. She said her last resort is leaving her oven open to heat her house, despite the fire hazard.

Other residents said while they have problems with it working all the time, the heat will turn on. Tamiekka Meadows and several other residents said their heat won’t go above 73 degrees, which is frustrating, considering each tenant pays for their own electricity.

“The only way I get some more heat is if I’m cooking, because of the oven,” Meadows said.

Jordan and Meadows said the North Jefferson Square apartments were recently renovated and new HVAC units were installed. Jordan said problems with the units started right after installation. Like Jordan, other residents complained to about their heat not turning on.

“We had to sleep with extra blankets,” Jordan said about some of the coldest nights. “We had to sleep with jackets and hats on.”

Jordan and others said they have complained to complex management, which is operated by Greenbrier Management.

“The whole community has been complaining, and there’s no response,” Jordan said.

WAVY News’ Liz Palka spoke with a complex manager, and was told maintenance will look into the issue on Tuesday morning.

Jordan also said she complained to the city’s Codes Compliance Department.

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