Va. Beach residents say they’re being kept in the dark

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – People in one Virginia Beach neighborhood are walking in darkness. That’s why they want the power company to see the light.

One look down Osprey Landing Court and you’ll realize: at night, you can’t see anything.

“I come home after 5:30, and I have to drive down the street like five miles an hour to make sure nobody is in the street,” said resident Kris Sousa. “That’s the biggest concern. It is dark.”

“Halloween, we had a little block party, and we had to bring out a flood light because we couldn’t play games with the kids because nobody could see,” said resident Kelly Long.

The first owners moved into the neighborhood about this time last year. They hoped by now they’d have street lights, but they’ve been a glaring no show.

“They have a new development right behind us, and they already have street lights,” Sousa said.

In fact, that new development has the lights, but doesn’t have the houses or residents, yet.

“It makes me mad,” Long said. “It’s very frustrating.”

Long was the first resident on the block. She said the lights are about safety for people and also to prevent crime.

10 On Your Side called Virginia Beach Public Works, and we were told that usually once a development is finished, Dominion Power will apply for a permit to install the lights. Officials weren’t sure on the status of the permit application.

“It’s pretty dark,” Long said. “This is why we keep our front porch light on, which in the summer time attracts a lot of bugs, but my husband and I travel for work, so we just wanted to be safe.”

“I don’t know what the process is, but I don’t understand how it could take so long for some street lights,” Sousa said. “It seems like something you do in every development.”

The public works department told 10 On Your Side it’s not unusual for Dominion Virginia Power to wait until the development is complete and buildings finished before lights get installed. Residents argue that building is finished, and by now, the light poles should be in the ground.

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