Va Beach on standby for possible flooding, wind damage

Va Beach preps for storm

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Virginia Beach Public Works officials are on standby for flooding or damage from high winds.

There were runners, bike riders, and even people just taking a stroll on the beach Saturday. The massive waves, wind and sand were enough to keep most people off the beach, but not everyone stayed away.

“I’m just here for vacation, getting away,” Tevin Jabes of Lynchburg said.

“I’m here for my sister’s softball tournament,” Samantha Johnson of Cumberland said.

“This is something that goes on several times a year,” Drew Lankford with Virginia Beach Public Works explained.

Seeing it now means extra precaution for Virginia Beach Public Works.

“We’ve got crews that started getting ready Thursday and yesterday, so it’s pretty much a drill we’re used to,” Lankford said.

However it caught some visitors by surprise and changed the game plan for a softball tournament.

“Today it rained out half way and they have to finish playing tomorrow,” Johnson said.

“I didn’t know it was going to be this bad but it is what it is,” Jabes said.

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