Commemorative chalkboard wall made for Hannah Graham


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WAVY) – A special memorial to honor Hannah Graham went on display Sunday night.

University of Virginia students created a memorial chalkboard wall Oct. 26 where everyone can leave messages for the 18-year-old sophomore who was abducted and murdered back in September.

Students said the memorial will help people heal and recover.

Graham’s remains were positively identified Friday. 

“It’s good to know the entire community can come together and be supportive of one another even though we’re all so different,” said sophomore Natalie Anderson. “We’re all from such different backgrounds. It’s good to know that we have each others backs and we can be supportive.”

People can continue to stop by the memorial near Newcomb Hall on campus to show their support. There are no plans to remove it anytime soon.

“We really felt like we needed to come by and kind of pay our respects because both of us don’t live in Charlottesville currently and have been kind of watching this from afar,” said Abby Heider, who was part of the 2012 graduating class at the University of Virginia.

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