Man accused of shooting, killing neighbor’s dog

IVOR, Va. (WAVY) – An Ivor man is accused of shooting and killing his neighbor’s dog.

“She was a family member, not just a dog,” said owner Selena Wynne. “That was our baby.”

Ten years ago, the Wynne family found Nikki, a German shepherd, just down the street from their Southampton County home.

“We found her on this road when she was about 4 weeks old, and we’ve had her ever since then,” Wynne said.

Everyday, Nikki and her buddy, Stinky, would run off into the nearby woods on Mill Field Road, but two weeks ago, Nikki never came home.

“It was just a routine every morning,” Wynne said. “They would go, and usually it was between this property and the property next door.”

Worried about the dog, Selena Wynne decided she would check with her next-door neighbor to see if he had seen Nikki.

John Launderville (Photo credit: Southampton County Sheriff’s Office)
John Launderville (Photo credit: Southampton County Sheriff’s Office)

“I said, ‘have you seen my dog?’ and he said, ‘yeah,’” Wynne recalls. “I said, ‘where is she? What happened to her?’ and he said, ‘I shot her.’ I said, ‘you shot my dog?”

John Launderville told Wynne he didn’t mean to shoot Nikki. He thought it was an animal coming though the bushes after his pigs.

“I didn’t know what to say or how to act,” Wynne said. “The last thing I said to him was, ‘please tell me that she didn’t suffer’ and he said, ‘we put her down.'”

“It kind of rubs me the wrong way,” Allen Wynne said. “You need to identify what you are shooting. It could have been me out there looking for the dog.”

Deputies charged Laundervillle with maiming or killing of animals or fowl and reckless handling of a firearm. Both charges are misdemeanors.

“I hope, if anything comes from this, I hope that he learns a lesson,” Wynne said. “You just don’t go around shooting animals for no reason.”

Launderville will be in the Southampton General District Court December 16. There is no leash law in Southampton County.

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