Parent questions safety at Salem High School

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — There’s a bond hearing Tuesday morning for the man police say brought a hatchet inside a Virginia Beach school. But even with him behind bars, some are still concerned about the incident.

Kirk Cowart is charged with trespassing on, and having a weapon on school property. Police say, last Thursday he slipped inside Salem High School at around 6 a.m., as cafeteria workers received a shipment.

Officers found him sitting on the auditorium stage, and took him into custody.

One parent told 10 On Your Side her son was dropped off an hour and half before school, and she’s concerned.


“I think I was more frightened after hearing that had happened and wondering all day, did my child walk by him? Did he see a hatchet? Did he know he was in danger? We had no way to contact our kids,” said parent Jennifer Girod.

School officials told they are continuing to review safety protocols to make sure students are safe.

No one was hurt in this incident.



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