SYAA plays three days after vandalism


SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – On Wednesday morning, the Suffolk Youth Athletic Association ball fields were a disaster.

Frozen foods were tossed in the dirt and cheese and chili defaced buildings’ windows.

Saturday, though, the fields were back to normal and full of young athletes.

“The kids are having fun,” SYAA baseball and softball commissioner Rob Carpentersaid. “It’s like nothing happened.”

But while the kids focused on the game, the adults were working to replace what was stolen. Companies like Moe’s Siouthwest Grill and Food Lion set up shop at the headquarters.

“All of our food was either destroyed or taken,” Carpenter said. “If we wouldn’t have Moe’s or places like this come in, we wouldn’t have any food.”

The food was donated.

But the association charged people to eat – in hopes of building back a $750 fund for a sick player that was stolen during the vandalism.

Now donations from rival teams like Great Neck Baseball in Virginia Beach are helping that fund, too.

But Carpenter said despite the good in the community, he’s not taking any changes something like this could happen again.

“We changed the doors out,” he said. “We’ll probably have bars on some of the windows.”

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